This a story of woman entrepreneur named Aayushi Patel. She was very passionated for her nails art using her nail polish and daily spending atleast an hour for her nails. Meanwhile, her husband Jigar Patel, identified her area of intrest and he researched and found that there is huge market in nails business. Jigar is an expert in digital marketing business by profession.

More specific, Jigar found one category which can be reusable as well as not harmful to our natural nails and that’s called “PRESS ON NAILS”. This hand painted artificial press on nails sticked within 5 minutes on our natural nails. Over a time, Aayushi and Jigar discussed and thinking to start up a business about this art. 
On 13th August, 2021 couple launched a nail art brand with name “Nails Aashu” and also developed e-commerce website ( for online orders as well as created profile on social media platforms. Within a year they crossed more then 5,000 customers across glob. hence, They have registered company with name “AashuJigs Services Pvt. Ltd.” Today, “Nails Aashu” becomes one of the very popular brand for press on nails in India.

Welcome to

  • We offer a huge range of Artificial Nails For Women at  Affordable Prices.
  • These are also called Press On Nails or Fake Nails.
  • Application is very simple and takes not more than 5 Minutes! 
  • Just apply and you are ready with your beautiful real looking Nails.
  • We provide Artificial Nails for regular and ethnic wear, also have a very beautiful collection of Bridal and premium designs.
  • Exclusively for Girls.
  • Nails are provided in shapes like, Square, Oval, Almond, French , Stiletto, Long Nails, Short Square etc.
  • The Gels Polishes on these nails are Long Lasting and are waterproof, That means you can wear nails in your daily schedule !
  • Nails can be used multiple times.
  • So why not give it a try, prices start from 599/- onwards only !
  • For any questions reach out to us on whatsapp/ call 8780003661.





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